Make-up rave: Concealer !


If you do not wear make up to work/university, you’re awesome…
But If you do, You still are :*


I must admit I am not a very big fan of make up products that fall under the “foundation/base” category.

  • Who wants a heavy-feeling face , that too in summer?
  • Karachi is drenched in humidity at this time of the year
  • My university is not air-conditioned, so I don’t want my face to melt away during the day.

GUILTY PERSON’S CONFESSION: I used to use a lot of foundation (first this one  and then this )
Now that I look back, I feel IT WAS A DISASTER. I had very poor knowledge of how make up was a unique-for-all thing , and I wasn’t even very well into knowing my skin and stuff.


I must say I’ve come a long way now . Also, the product I will be raving about henceforth is something I totally accidentally stumbled upon-all thanks to the L’oreal booth attendant at Naheed who was really insistent that I tried it out. I am glad I took the advice. 🙂
After a full semester use (December to March) , here’s my take:


My used up piece

                   My used up piece



Shade: warm Beige

How I used it:
Applied directly over any spots and under eye area using the applicator head. Then blended away using a stippling brush. No application of face powder over it-to avoid caking, capping of pores, and to keeping it subtle.
My skin type: SUPER sensitive and oily.
Side effects? Nope. No breakouts or skin darkening. (Since I used to use only a pea sized amount, literally)
PRICE: Bought it months ago at PKR 1950.00 from Naheed (Karachi) .


My uni going sistas….I know it is difficult to keep your skin healthy and protected if you’re stepping out in the sun everyday of the week.Which is when we rush to these concealers and BB-s. I can totally relate.
However, never forget to put on a dab of sunblock beforeyou face the sun.
If (and only if) you find the price convincing enough, do give this concealer a try. This blog is only my experience, I would love to hear yours!
For me, I am already saving to rebuy it, Inshallah. I would love if they brought the price a bit down though , we students are always struggling between saving and spending, Haha 😛
If you find this helpful, do like and share. Oh, and I would love to have your suggestions 🙂
P.S. Concealer, or no concealer, You, my sister, are a burst of sunshine :* ❤