Coping with Maths.

My relationship with Maths can be best explained via a sine curve

sine curve

Whenever I reach the peaks, it is almost always due to a patient, enthusiastic teacher , who hardly helps me solve anything, but whose presence always does the magic.

Good to have a Fall back arrangements, maybe that’s what my mind finds magical.

And those negative gradient parts leading to a zero, and further down the demon’s hole all the way to a negative-upside down- peak…that too can be credited to a teacher, for whom all I wonder throughout their classes is “How did you even qualify for the job?”

This semester is sadly (or luckily?) all maths.
And currently I am residing somewhere in those demon holes ( Thanks, A Levels!).

I take each step to the solution like a toddler learning to walk.


  • Optimism-Keep that pep talk on. “You’ll make it through”
  • Practice everyday.Anything. Just. Freaking.Solve.That’ll keep a pre-exam anxiety attack at bay.
  • Stay away from anyone better than you at math when you are struggling with your own.
  • Do not feel insecure. Feel different. In a good way.

Got any tips for me? I sure can benefit from some good experience here ❤

Till I don’t know when,


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