“Ramadan: Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”

Tonight, here in Pakistan, we enter the first of the last ten nights of Ramadan.

With so many of my friends and relatives going into Iʿtikāf  , my conscience hit hard.

I am free, uni is off, then why didn’t it come to me to observe it too? 😦

LOL. Too much self-analysis, I know. Comes naturally, especially when when you see your younger brother doing it and you’re just sitting there blogging. 😮

So……to avoid getting to the stage of self-sabotage, I pondered over what “I have earned” and “what I would be leaving this ramadan with”.

I’ve learned to make optimism my backup plan.

It is like part of my faith in Allah now-to believe that whatever (WHATEVER) I encounter has something positive,helpful,or a least good for me You know what this leads to?

  • Lessened tension
  • Increased Thankfulness.
  • Confidence. A bag full of it.

That too spontaneously! ❤ ❤ ❤ 


I have learned (by experimenting with it everyday this month) that Qura’an can be your way out in almost every situation-even when you’re exhausted from a hectic day at university and need to ward off sleep because you have a lot of assignments at hand.



This is something I always always want to hold on to. I heard it at an after-namaz speech:

“Close the windows leading to your heart, and your eyes,and  your ears- because you do not NEED to think about others in any way-You are not here to analyse others. And close the door to your tongue.”


I wish I master this art someday. This ideology totally works for me. ^_^


Whenever you feel down, remember Him in His Glorious names. Memorize some with meanings in your language! Trust this uni girl….it is the best motivation you can give your ailing heart.


الصمد     The Satisfier of All Needs As-Samad
الوالي         The Protecting Friend Al-Wali
المنتقم           The Avenger Al-Muntaqim
        الغني                      The Rich One   Al-Ghani
الرشيد              The Righteous Teacher Ar-Rashid
الشكور        The Rewarder of Thankfulness Ash-Shakur

See what imma talking about? 

Ok, This is the last.

المصور        The Shaper of Beauty Al-Musawwir


P.S. For all these experiences to work for you too, you need a prerequisite: A real real desire to Believe. 

Ramadan Kareem, Sistas ❤

I would love to hear your Ramadan achievements! But don’t worry if you cannot think about any right now (See point#1) 🙂

Do like and share if you find this helpful. Love,



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