For the love of Nail varnish

Assalam-o-alikum , readers!



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I’ve recently challenged myself with the task of wearing nail varnish everyday (YES) to the university.

Why?!- you may thinkeaster-nailart04

Image: Google Images

Well..I am of the kind of people who are allergic to even the mere thought of monotony. The same routine five times a week. I would either start hating my work, or carry it around like a burden.


So, a new manicur everyday is my call!

Not only does it make me feel extra confident*, it also perks up my mood.

But waaaaaait!
How get it off right before Wudhu?
What if you want a new mani and are out of a nail polish remover?
If you too are bother by these inconveniences, here’s your ultimate guide! 🙂


I cannot stress enough on their convenience! You just have to literally PEEL the paint OFF your nails (Hence the name peel-off). As far as my research, you do not get them under the brand names (L’Oreal, Maybelline, such) The ones I have are from ADS-got then from a regular cosmetic shop.





Not just any base coat-a peelable base coat for that matter.
I haven’t really tried this one out so I cannot comment on how well this might work, but I came across this Peel-off-base-coat-product thingy from Essence Cosmetics at Naheed Supermarket.
The idea is to apply this product to your nails prior to applying your regular nail paint. Then, you can peel it of just like you would a peelable nail paint.

My reason for not trying it out was it not so convincing price, I had other option (next) that works just as well.
Anyway, you can read a review here if you wish to try one out (The blog’s Google searched. Not at all endorsed 🙂 )

3.This is something I stumbled upon one fine day (*pats on back*)

Buy a white colored (or any light shade) peelable nail paint.


Image:my own peelable

  • Apply it on nails and let it dry COMPLETELY.
  • Put on your regular nail paint.
  • ROCK IT! ❤ 

Once you want to remove it, start peeling it off. The paint starts coming out in chunks. It might not be AS smooth at coming out as a normal peel off nail paint, BUT IT WORKS. To get clean corners and stuff, I use a remover at the end.

Here are a few of the many nail paint styles I’ve already tried. 😀DSC09203DSC09161

I hope assignments and lethargy keep at bay , so that I continue experimenting more , Inshallah.

Love, The university Girl ❤


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